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Techno Cladding Europe

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and sustainable surface treatment? Or are you considering alternatives to nickel, chrome, spray layers and other lasercladding layers? Then Techno Cladding Europe is the right partner for you.

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Advantages of lasercladding

High machining speed

Because EHLA is fully computer controlled, it increases the throughput speed from 0.5 to 2 meters per minute to 50 to 500 meters per minute, which means a rod is coated 100 to 250 times faster than before.

Corrosion resistant

Lasercladding is corrosion-resistant, unlike many other surface treatments. This is because the microstructure of the deposited material powder is extremely dense, crack-free, and non-porous. The rapid solidification of carbide-containing layers also significantly increases wear resistance.

Low heat input

A major advantage of lasercladding is its minimal heat input. This results in low mixing with the base material and little or no distortion. This makes post-processing of our laserclad layer easier and allows us to guarantee quality.

Metallurgical bonding

The EHLA laser melts a thin layer of the base surface. At the same time, the material powder is already melted in the laser and applied to the base surface. The molten material powder bos with the base material, creating a metallurgical bond of these two materials.


Our unique layers


Similar to Metco1720B and suitable for applications requiring hardness, wear and corrosion resistance.

> Heavily corrosive environments



Similar to Inconel625 and suitable for applications requiring wear and corrosion resistance.

> Offshore


EHLA laser cladding machine


Similar to RVS316L, suitable for almost all steel alloys and financially more attractive.

> Repair and/or underlay


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