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Our layers

We offer various clad layers, each with their unique properties. These layers are clad by our unique EHLA laserclad machine and are a very good alternative to both nickel and chrome. In addition, we are still developing new clad layers in cooperation with our powder suppliers. Do you have any questions or comments about our layers? Or would you like to compose your own layer in cooperation with us? If so, please feel free to contact us.



TCE625+ (improved version of Inconel625 | Alloy625 | UNS N06625)

Is a nickel-based layer and has extremely high wear and corrosion resistance. In addition, this layer also has strong adhesion properties and relatively high hardness (HV) compared to other laserclad layers. This layer is specially designed for the EHLA laserclad machine and is extremely suitable for: harsh-corrosive environments.

Cross section TCE625+


TCE625 (similar to Inconel625 | Alloy625 | UNS N06625)

Is a nickel-based layer and offers very high resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Moreover, it is designed to withstand high temperatures. This layer can also function under high tensile stresses and temperature differences, both in and out of water. This makes this layer extremely suitable for offshore applications.

Cross section TCE625


TCE316L (comparable to Stainless Steel316L | Alloy316L | UNS S31603)

Is an iron-based layer and offers high resistance to corrosion and oxidation . Although this layer scores slightly lower on wear and corrosion resistance, laser cladding of the layer is more attractive from a financial perspective . In addition, TCE316L can be welded on almost all steel alloys and is therefore extremely suitable for repairs and/or as an underlay.

Curious about the possibilities? Please contact us.


Cross section TCE316L
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