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What is laser cladding?

Lasercladding is a new type of surface treatment. A high-power laser is used to melt a thin layer of the base surface, whilst simultaneously adding material powder into the laser. This material powder melts and bonds with the base material, resulting in a metallurgical bonding of these two materials.


EHLA Laserclad machine

Techno Cladding Europe uses EHLA (Extremely High-speed Laser

Application). The EHLA lasercladding machine uses the latest technology on

the market and has a much higher machining speed than comparable

surface treatments.


This is because the material powder is already melted in the laser itself,

making it easier to apply. In addition, this technique allows us to use much

less material powder than other lasercladding machines. We use as much

as 90% of our material powder, allowing us to clad both sustainably and

environmentally consciously.


A major advantage of this machine is its very low heat input, resulting in

little or no distortion in the final product. This also makes post-processing

easier, allowing us to guarantee quality. Techno Cladding Europe can carry

out both pre-processing and post-processing for you.


This machine also allows us to easily switch between different coatings

required for your application. We can apply both thin (50 µm) and thicker

(>400µm) layers.


A laserclad layer has minimal porosity. This means that the layer contains

no or few pores, which completely seals the base material and thus makes it

resistant to external influences. This provides the end product with a longer



It is also possible to clad sensitive material such as carbide-rich steels or

nickel-based alloys.


EHLA is fully computer-controlled and no environmentally harmful and

health hazardous substances are used during the process. This is an aspect

we consider very important and will become increasingly important in the



Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Then please contact us!

Did you know...

We can laserclad rods, cylinders, tubes and rollers with a maximum diameter of Ø1000 and a total length of 15m.

Laserclad capacity: Ø1000 x 15000 mm

transparent photo EHLA laser cladding machine
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